Introducing Windl, a personal project that I designed and developed using Nuxt 2, Firebase, and Tailwind. Windl is a library of Tailwind HTML resources that are organized and categorized for easy access. One of the key features of Windl is the built-in Visual Studio Code editor that allows for real-time changes before grabbing a copy of the code. I will be contributing my own resources, as well as including open-source Tailwind components and templates, along with author attributions.

Windl also allows you to save your own library of Tailwind components, whether you start from scratch or fork other resources, your Tailwind library will be there waiting for your next personal or commercial project. Additionally, Windl supports Alpine.js for any inline javascript interactions.

My goal with Windl is to save you development time, inspire you, encourage sharing of components and highlight amazing works already shared by the development community. Give Windl a try and see how it can benefit your next project.

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