Sheffield Mutual

During my time at Epiphany, I was responsible for the entire front-end of a large component-based website built using vanilla JavaScript, SCSS, and Nunjucks. My role included developing complex multi-step form components and sophisticated calculators, as well as implementing associated calculations. 

The designs for Sheffield Mutual were provided in Adobe XD, which is a widely used design tool for creating user interface designs. My task was to take these designs and create pixel-perfect HTML markup for hundreds of components that comprise the website. This required a keen attention to detail and a strong understanding of web development best practices, as well as a deep understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In order to achieve this, I used my skills in HTML and CSS to create semantically correct and accessible markup, and I carefully adhered to the designs provided in Adobe XD to ensure that the final implementation matched the designs exactly. Additionally, I had to use JavaScript to make the components interactive and dynamic. Overall, my work on the website involved a lot of problem solving, troubleshooting and testing, but the end result was a website that was visually stunning and highly functional. Enjoyed this one.


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