Introducing Gigsdeep, a personal development project that I worked on for quite some time. This labour of love is a mobile app that uses Angular, Ionic and Firebase to help music enthusiasts track and log events they've attended. With data from SongKick API and Spotify API, Gigsdeep displays upcoming events, artists, dates and images, allowing users to listen to sample tracks and post or edit their experiences. The app was launched on both iOS and Android stores, making it easily accessible to music lovers everywhere. Gigsdeep is a great way to keep track of your concert-going experiences and discover new music along the way.

I had to remove Gigsdeep from the app stores due to high maintenance and update demands. Despite its popularity, the time and resources needed to keep an app running and improving became just a bit too much. I learned the importance of sustainability and resource management in app development from this experience.

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