Creative developer at Jaywing with 13 years experience and a love for simplicity in design.

Working on enteprise web development, light-weight and snappy web and mobile app development, creative design with clean UI, smart UX and accessibility in mind.

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A labour of love and personal project spanning two years of research and development. Created as a mobile app in Angular, Ionic and Firebase; Gigsdeep is a way to track music events, and log events attended.
Using data from Songkick API and Spotify API in tandem, Gigsdeep is designed to display upcoming events, artists, dates and images, play sample tracks, and let users post and edit experiences.
Launched on iOS and Android store - a challenge in itself.

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A desktop administrative SPA built in Vue JS 2.6; integrated in .Net Core and using GQL as a means to fetch API data. Functionality includes authorisation and user authorisation levels, variable layouts and components, filterable data and complex multipart form submissions, topped off with a clean UI and a toggle-able dark theme.


A large component based website built in Umbraco and CSHTML, using SCSS and Typescript.
Developed components include various complex tabbed galleries and carousels.

Sheffield Mutual

A large component based website built in vanilla JS, SCSS and nunjucks. Developed components include complex multi-step form components, complex calculators and associated calculations.

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I created Ninebase ltd in 2012 and began working with clients around the world. I got to work with established names such as the BBC, startups in California, app developers in New York, and everything in-between. Alongside client projects, I used Ninebase as a platform to create and sell commercial WordPress themes.

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An opportunity to create what was referred to as a second screen companion. A new UI concept defined by emerging technology at the time, the brief; a way to display BBC sports live statistics and figures across multiple devices simultaneously. -


A multipurpose commercial WordPress theme on sale at Creative Market. KODE offered a bespoke page builder and array of unique functionality for an armada of pre-built starter templates.

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Uber Framework

A multipurpose commercial WordPress theme on sale at Creative Market and iteration on previously developed theme KODE. UberFramework offered up even more options with the page builder this time around being one of the first visual page builders available at the time.

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